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Become your own Landlord

Become your own landlord

For most businesses rent is one of the major  business expense that contributes little to the long-term wealth of either the business or its owner.

  • The Rent you are paying is making someone else wealthy. Then why not stop paying rent and buy the premises.
  • Owning your business premises will ensure stability of your business and also eliminate risk of landlord increasing rent  at lease renewal.

Banks’ mainly  require a record  your three years business financials and stable cash flow to service the debt.  While calculating debt servicing, banks take into account your income from all sources.

A good option to keep repayments  low is to arrange as much deposit as cash or in the form of equity on another preferably residential property as your loan on residential property will be at lower interest rate. We as financial advisers arrange such loans on regular basis. Talk to us and we can  help you.