Reliance Financial Group look after all your insurance needs

After all what is insurance and why do you need insurance?

Insurance is all about protecting yourself and your family from unforeseen and unfortunate events that can turn your life upside down. 

We never like thinking of an accident, a premature death   or serious illness, which can make our and our near and dear ones’ life miserable. This can happen to anyone. You realize necessity  and value of insurance when something unfortunate happens to you.

At Reliance  we can help you with all your insurance needs.

An investment into appropriate insurance policy can provide protection to you and your family from such unforeseen eventualities.

The three major risks are premature death, inability to work because of a long-term accident or illness, and the need to find large amounts of cash to fund medical care.

For getting financial independence, you should insure against following major type of risks:

  1. Life insurance
  2. Income  protection insurance
  3. Trauma or Living Assurance
  4. Total & permanent disability
  5. Medical Insurance

Life Insurance:  Life insurance is   required basically for two major reasons:

  1. To cover a debt such as a mortgage
  2. To provide money for your dependents in the event of your death

Life cover provides lump sum payment to your dependents or other nominated beneficiaries in the event of your death. Whatever may be the liabilities of your loved ones whether paying a mortgage or money for education or buying a new house, this money will be a great relief for them.

To ensure that in the event of your death the claim money does not go into deceased’s estate always make your spouse or your family trust as the owner of the policy.

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Mortgage & Income Protection Insurance:

 Your ability to generate income for living is your single largest asset. It is therefore very important to protect this asset. Similalrly your mortgage is mostly your biggest financial commitment and its repayments should be ensured and insured.  Protecting your mortgage repayments and your  income when you can not work due to an unexpected illness or accident will provide you financial stability and enable you to recover to your normal lifestyle and secure your home.

 Getting right Mortgage & Income Protection Insurance cover is very important and essential to protect from such eventualities. Mortgage Protection Insurance pays your mortgage repayments when you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Similarly income protection insurance pays a percentage of your monthly income that you badly need to pay your bills and meet other financial commitments when you are unable to work. 

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Trauma or Living Assurance;

Living insurance (also called Trauma Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance) provides a lump sum payment on the actual occurrence of a defined major health problem like stroke, serious cancer and heart disease.

With advancement in medical science, we have these days greater chances of survival for longer time. Statistics reveal that nearly   60% of cancer victims and 70% of those who suffer hear attack, survive for more than a year. Not all heart attacks are fatal but can leave the victim invalided for up to a year.

Living Assurance or Trauma cover provides an agreed lump sum of money if the insured develops a variety of critical illnesses. The purpose of living assurance is to provide money to you at the time when need it most for living. You can use this lump sum for whatever you wish such as mortgage payment, medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses etc.

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Total & permanent disability

TPD insurance will help look after you and the people that matter  you most, if you become totally permanently disabled and are unable to work as a result of an accident or illness. Along with a lump sum payment, you can be supported by  insurere's experienced team to work through adapting to your new world.

Medical Insurance:

While you may afford paying GP’s   fee and occasionally going to a specialist, but facing a major health problem requiring admission to a hospital or needing a surgery can be financially a nightmare. Government hospitals may admit you for an accident or an emergency otherwise their waiting list is huge and people wait for years to get an essential medical treatment.

Taking out health insurance gives you freedom and choice of getting necessary medical care for yourself and your near and dear ones immediately. You can choose your specialist and your hospital where you feel will get best treatment. 

We can get you a simple and affordable full medical health insurance plan that can protect you and your family. Under such a plan you can get best medical care that your family deserves and need not worry for huge medical bills, as your insurance company will pay.