First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers Loan

Buying your first home can be a stressful and confusing process. We take special care of First Home Buyers and guide them at every step of home buying process. We can arrange upto 90% Home Loans for you with 5% saved deposit and rest may be gifted as well. 

How and where do I start, what to do? All this can look very confusing and stressful when you are buying your first home. But we make this exercise a totally stress free process forall our first home buyers.

Broadly speaking the steps involved in first home buying are as below.

Step 1: Organise your paperwork. To prepare your loan application for loan approval, following document are needed, Proof of income like payslip, bank statements for last three months,  information about deposits held, kiwisaver balances if any, copies of passport and information about existing loans/debt if any.

Step 2: Approach your bank or a good financial adviser for finding as how much you can borrow.

Step 3: Find a  house  that is suitable for you and within approved loan amount plus deposit.

Step 4: Make an offer or bid in an auction with prior approval of property from bank who pre-approved your loan.

Step 5: Submit Sale & Purchase Agreement to the bank or your financial adviser who will negotiate rates/incentives with the bank and ensure that you do not pay more interest than the minimum you have to pay. We structure your loan  so that you can pay  off your loan faster & become debt free.  

Step 6: When  settlement takes place and you get the keys  of your dream home, move in and enjoy your new home.

Our relationship does not end here. We focus on making you debt free faster and advise and help them when a  loan refix is due or a better offer to save on interest cost is available. After all we work for our valuable clients, not the lenders.

Call us  for a no obligation chat or enquire online for an expert  and personalised advice  on first home buying and raising first home loan.