Franchise Loan

Franchise Loans

Buying a franchise involves two types of costs:

  • Initial Franchise Licensing fee which includes franchise brand name and an established business system, and the ongoing franchise fees.
  • Working capital for running the business like – rent, staff wages, stock and consumables like power and water, equipments cost etc  all need to be accounted for.
  • Banks, generally, look more favourably on franchise businesses  than non-franchise business due:
  • Set  franchise management system.
  • Availability of franchisor’s support
  •  Comparatively better chances of success and growth of a franchise business.      

 That is why they lend more against   franchise businesses ( around 50 to 75% of purchase price).

 You can pay your part in cash or can borrow against your property. Banks also lend for this purpose against a third person’s(your friend or relative etc). Discuss with us or enquire online and we will contact you.