Refinancing your Home Loan


These days offers of interest rates and cash incentives available from banks are exciting. By the time you get an offer, interest rates are again revised downwards by another bank.  It provides you a fantastic opportunity to reduce your l interest cost and pay off your loan faster keeping the repayments same. 


It all depends as how much you or your financial adviser can negotiate. Get your loan structure examined by us at no cost. You never know, it may provide you may an opportunity to   get good amount of cash and much lower interest rates from another lender. 

Every fixed rate expiry time is also an opportunity to shop around for a good offer on you home loan and change your lender if you are not happy. We keep updated information on all lending options available. 

We always know latest market trends for interest rates etc.  and will:

  • Advise you various options available and most appropriate for your situation.
  • Shop around for best offer for your deal.
  • Negotiate best interest rates and flexible structure to suit your cash flow.
  • Negotiate for solicitor’s fee and property valuation Charges.


Your home loan refinance can make you available more cash for your other urgent needs like holidaying, payment of short term debts or buying a car etc. Just give us a call or enquire online and we will contact you to discuss with you as what we can do for you to achieve your goals in life.