Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your short term debts into Home Loan

Home loan is your cheapest and longest term debt. Your short term debts like hire purchase or personal loans attract higher interest rates and are payable over relatively shorter period of 3 to 7 years. If your LVR(loan to home value ratio) is low your bank may allow you to consolidate your short term debts into your home loan. This is called debt consolidation.  Debt consolidation has three main benefits:

1. Your interest rate gets substantially  reduced.
2. You have to manage just one debt instead of managing many. 
3.  Debt can be paid over a much longer period depending upon how much you can afford to pay on regular basis.

If you have a number of short term debts and are struggling to pay, talk to us or enquire online we can examine your situation and if LVR(Loan to home Value Ratio) permits, arrange debt consolidation which will reduce your repayments considerably and you will have more money to spend.