Investment Property Loans

Choice of finance can make all the difference in building your investment property portfolio. An investment in right type of property can make your future secure.  Through our in-depth understanding of lending we can structure your lending to suit your investment strategy and current situation. Property Investment is a major investment opportunity in New Zealand and is an option of diversifying your investment.

Source of Income: Investing in property can provide you source of income in your old age when you are on super and your income is low. It is a safe investment, your portfolio value grows with time in addition to giving you good return. Property values in the long run always increase if the location and  purchase price has been chosen prudently.

Security for your next generation: In addition to providing you a source of income, investment properties will secure your next generation’s future.

We can unlock equity available in your house and other properties to raise deposit for buying another property. By putting in place proper tax structure you can save thousands of dollars in your tax. We understand lending  extremely well and our advice is free, fair and most professional.

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